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Pee-wee Tribute Comic

Matt and friend Joe Badon created a tribute comic to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the film Pee-wee’s Big Adventure. Read it for free at

Matt’s creator-owned web comic is going to be an ongoing series through Atlas Unleashed! Follow the continuing adventures of Annabelle Avery, as she surfs dimensions looking for her parents! A 10-page preview contained in “Atlas Unleashed Adventures #1” can be purchased at any of Atlas Unleashed’s comic book convention appearances.


Annabelle Avery: The Web Comic

In the tradition of The Rocketeer and Indiana Jones, Annabelle Avery: Steampunk Girl is here!

Read the original web comic  at Annabelle



Matt co-wrote the first issue of a new officially-licensed Highlander comic book from Emerald Star Comics! Sadly, it is out-of-print.



Matt co-wrote the short story Unmasked: Protest  for Michael Sarrao’s Unmasked: New Age Heroes  universe, featured in the book Unmasked: Signal.

Emerald Star Comics

Matt wrote two featured stories in Emerald Star Comics Presents. Click below to read them for free!

Emerald Star Comics Presents #1

Emerald Star Comics Presents #1 – Annabelle Avery Prologue


Emerald Star Comics Presents #2 – Gears of the Heart (cover feature)