Idols of American Youth


Lately I’ve been thinking about my collections.  I have about eight long boxes of comics in my basement, several containers full of old action figures, two bookshelves of DVDs, countless binders of CDs with music, data files, videos, etc., not to mention the odd sculpture, prop replica, display piece, or movie poster.  Some of this is in my office at my day job, others are tucked away in my basement workspace at home.

I have these things sitting around to inspire me, to remind me of the “worlds” I’ve experienced through various pieces of media or literature.  This inspiration fuels my current creativity, or so I tell myself.  But as I reflect on these pieces, I wonder if these are just idols, cheap earth-bound trinkets that keep us tethered to the confines of our own terrestrial imaginations.

But can you create something from nothing?  Or are all of our ideas ALWAYS based on other creations?  Where would you be  more creative: in a blank white room, or a space filled with nicknacks?

Idols these pieces may be; at times I may fixate too much on the nostalgia factor.  But I’d rather permute a “new” story from something that means something to me than to build from pieces to which I have no attachment.


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